Could Facebook be adding Skype video call functionality to its already impressive list of applications?

Sources close to the companies have noted that Facebook and Skype executives have returned to the negotiating table to discuss the potential for a two-way video calling partnership.

Skype currently allows Facebook users to call their friends, but there is no way to make Skype calls from Facebook; such a partnership could challenge Apple’s FaceTime.

Bloomberg reports that the rumored integration of Skype video calling has the potential to fill a desired need for Facebook’s 600 million users.

“… California-based Facebook has added features to give members more ways to keep in touch. Bringing video calls to its social network would ramp up competition with Apple Inc., which introduced the feature on its iPhone in June, and with Google Inc., which offered Web calling through Gmail in August.

Video calls accounted for more than 41 percent of all Web calling between Skype users in the second half of last year, the company said in January.”

With FaceTime gaining momentum and the recent release of Apple’s iPad 2, the prospect of Facebook users having access to Skype’s video calling functionality could lead to an interesting competition for video call market share.

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