(Below is a re-post from ProActive Communications’ President Mark Serrano’s blog, PowerTrip)

comScore just released very compelling data about the explosive growth in online video consumption that has begun, thanks in large part to equally explosive adoption of computer tablets, ushered into the marketplace by Steve Jobs and the iPad in 2010.

The data comes in through a press release from comScore to promote their new syndicated service, TabLens, which will provide “insights into tablet ownership and usage.”

The TabLens report includes the following critical data points:
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  • 24% of smartphone users are using a tablet devise, 2.5 times the number of “feature phone only” users.
  • Compared to smartphone users, tablet users are 28% more likely to be 65 years old or more and 27% less likely to be 27 years old or less.
  • Both types of devices have their “heaviest overall audience concentration between ages 25 – 44.
  • More than half of tablet users watched video and/or TV content in the month of April 2012, compared to 20% of smartphone users.
  • Among tablet users, 18.9 percent viewed video each week and 9.5 percent viewed video daily.[/bullets]

While there are plenty of smartphone users viewing video content on their small screen, the surge in video viewing by tablet users provides proof of the obvious: screen size matters. That, and probably cost, would certainly explain why tablet users are 27% more likely to be 65 years old or more.

For online video platform companies like VOPED, the most encouraging point from the TabLens report is the following:

Of those viewing video at least once during the month, 1 in 4 (26.7 percent) paid to watch content, highlighting the tremendous monetization potential this platform represents for content providers.

Content that includes everything from premium Hollywood movies to live sporting and music events to on-demand content for every application imaginable will be in high demand at explosive levels for years to come.

While it will take time for online publishers and others to adopt the necessary technology to deliver pay per view and subscription-based content, the process is underway as tablet users are leading the way to accessing their favorite content any time, any place through their tablets.

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