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Top 3 Social CEOs – Who Made the List, and What They Can Teach Us
Return on Reputation, August 10, 2012

Social media isn’t totally lost within the C-suite. There are some CEOs who not only demonstrate their use of social media for effective thought leadership, but also demonstrate social media best practices in general. (Check out our own President and CEO, Mark Serrano, on Twitter at @MarkVSerrano).

Social Olympics: Does The Gold Medal Go To Facebook, Twitter, or Google+?
ReadWriteWeb, August 9, 2012

This may surprise you.

Brands lift off with Mars Rover Facebook content
Social Fresh, August 7, 2012

Now that the United States has landed their 4th rover on the surface of the planet of Mars, brands have taken to Facebook with some pretty creative responses.

How to Write for Facebook
PR Daily News, August 7, 2012

Social media platforms are always evolving, perhaps none more so than Facebook. As writers in this medium, we must evolve with it. Every community is different, as is every brand. Here are a few tips to improve your craft.

5 Olympians That Deserve the Gold in Social Media
Likeable Media, August 3, 2012

In the world of Twitter, everyone is on the same playing field.  Celebrities are no longer untouchable and even your favorite Olympians are right at your fingertips. Here’s who is worth the follow.

The Age of Transparency in Digital Politics
Brian Solis, August 3, 2012

The paths of social media and politics would seem to be inextricably linked. Politics has proven, in many countries, to be a great way to “democratize” social media, or the other way around. There’s something to learn here for government everywhere. If you’re a political strategist, a government official or candidate, or involved in any way shape or form with politics, pay attention.

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