The ProActive Digital team serves up yet another round of the best digital PR and new media news. Delicious.

Are You Cut Out To Be A Thought Leader? – Forbes
Is knowledge enough to be successful in leading conversations and initiating change in a marketplace or industry?

Earned media skills are more important than ever – PR Daily
Having the skills to inspire unpaid coverage and reviews will be increasingly vital as consumers become more discerning in their consumption of online content.

New Study: Fake ‘User’ Reviews Are Here to Stay – PR Newser
As consumers conduct more of their research and shopping online, positive social media reviews will become more and more important to brands—and in the rush to establish and expand a product’s online reputation, quite a few individuals will end up breaking the rules.

Facebook experiment boosts US voter turnout – Nature News
About 340,000 extra people turned out to vote in the 2010 US congressional elections because of a single election-day Facebook message.

Google News Rolls Out New Keywords – Content Marketing InstituteDigital PR Wordle
If you blinked, you missed it. Google dropped a powerful new tool into the hands of content marketers who manage news sites.

How Presidential Candidates Can Use Online Video to Run an Effective Campaign – HuffPost
Typically, we see online video incorporated into political campaigns as advertisements and recordings of speeches. However, it can be much more — a gateway to communication, a campaign management tool, and a tool to build a positive image for the candidate.

Perspectives on How B2B SEO Can Better Support PR – Search Engine Watch
PR and marketing communications teams are key participants and often the owners of the messaging strategy for an organization. The best links, social media visibility, and relationships online, are won when PR and SEO combine forces.

8 Twitter Essentials for PR – PR Daily
For today’s PR pro, the question is no longer whether to tweet, but what to tweet.