The ProActive Digital team serves up yet another round of the best digital PR and new media news from the last two weeks. Enjoy!

Digital PR, $ocial Media and ROI – Business 2 Community
Study finds that one in five marketers say their business is “fundamentally ill-equipped to take advantage of social media.”

If Content is King, MultiScreen is Queen, Says New Google Study – TechCrunch
New research out from Google…puts some hard numbers behind the often-noticed trend of how people in the U.S. are using a combination of phones, tablets, computer and TVs to consume digital content.

SEO for PR: 6 ways to think strategically about your content creation – PR Daily
Many PR pros charged with looking for opportunities for storytelling or sharing information know that getting the right message to the right audience at the right time isn’t always easy.

POTUS Breaks Reddit – PC Mag
It all started with, “Hi, I’m Barack Obama, President of the United States. Ask me anything.”

Clint Eastwood and the 24-7 Internet PR Machine – PR Newser
The Republican National Convention highlighted the brutal nature of public relations. Soon it will be the Democrats’ turn to take the PR helm at their national convention, and it will be the Republicans’ chance to pounce of the inevitable fallibility that comes with putting human beings behind a microphone. And, like the Democrats, they will show no mercy.

To automate or not to automate? – Fast Company
You can be “present” online even when you aren’t–but is a scheduled tweet the paragon of inauthenticity?

Adoption of Blogs Rises Among Fortune 500 Cos. – Marketing Charts
28% of Fortune 500 companies (139) have public-facing corporate blogs this year, a 5% point increase from 23% in 2011 and 2010.