The ProActive Digital team serves up yet another round of the best digital PR, social media and new media news. Enjoy!

2013 PR Trends Forecast – Digital – The Holmes Report
“Digital PR has faced an identity crisis as the practice subsumes nearly every modern PR organization. While its meaning can range from social media to emerging facets of the discipline, such as data analysis and app development, in 2013 its significance remains uncontested.”

Twitter’s New Video App Is Actually Pretty Great – Slate
“If you’re a Twitter user, you’ve probably noticed today that your stream is unusually cluttered with boring videos of people making faces or sitting at their desks. That’s Vine, the new video app that launched today after Twitter acquired it’s the team that was working on it last fall.”

How Marvel Manages its Dozen-Plus Twitter Accounts – PR Daily
“Though it seems like Marvel, with its billion-dollar movie franchises and deep bench of characters, is wholly unique when it comes to Twitter success, lots of companies can use the same techniques to climb to the top…”

Findable Content Marketing – 3 Google Keyword Tips – Content Marketing Institute
“…whatever content you create, people should know it exists. Even the most epic content is worthless unless someone finds it, enjoys it, and passes it along to his friends and peers. That’s what great content is all about.”

Lance Armstrong and digital power brokering challenges – ZDNet
“Negative viral infection of social networks is an increasing issue: digital cliques can calcify into silos inside companies, and sophisticated communicators can be a force for good or bad.”

55 Events in PR, Digital Marketing, and More – Mashable

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