4 Lessons learned from the AP Twitter hack (that regular media didn’t tell you) – Search Engine People
The news triggered a Wall Street selling frenzy, causing the Dow Jones Industrial average to plummet by 143 points. The tweet was then discovered to be a fake and was corrected within a few minutes, after which the market quickly recovered. What can you learn from this incident?

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A company’s brand isn’t simply about having a smart logo and tagline. It is the badge which represents your business to the customer, the company’s ethos, and the way an SME carries itself both internally and externally.

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There’s an “us” versus “them” mentality in newsrooms that casts reporters as noble warriors in the battle for the truth and PR people as the minions of corporate clients who conflate news with marketing.

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As the online and offline worlds converge, mobile commerce has the potential to eclipse desktop-based ecommerce and, perhaps, even replace a significant portion of traditional retail shopping.