Public Relations News Roundup – Topsy, Trump & Twitter (but no twerking)

Public Relations News Roundup – Topsy, Trump & Twitter (but no twerking)
Public Relations News Roundup – Topsy, Trump & Twitter (but no twerking)

Public Relations News Roundup

Public Relations, Explained –
It’s not advertising.  We don’t buy impressions.  We don’t guarantee placement.  But the coverage we get, in the media, online, social media, TV and other places, usually has much more credibility than paid endorsements.

What You Can Learn from Donald Trump About Public Relations – Inc.
The opinionated, conflict-welcoming real estate magnate is famous for turning publicity into money. Can you too? 

10 Ways Topsy’s Twitter Search Index is an Invaluable PR Tool – PR Newser
We have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. It’s a journalistic necessity, a prime source for stories both breaking and obscure, an infinite time-suck and a wasteland for antisocial malcontents, failed comedians and partisan political junkies.

PR Power – Upping Authoritative Online Reputation – Business 2 Community
A company’s online reputation is only as good as others say it is. However, there are plenty of ways to get an edge above competition by perfecting your Web-presence and online brand campaigns.

Social Media Use Up 800% for U.S. Adults in Just 8 Years –
Who remembers 2005? Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith was in theaters and while you may have heard of Facebook, you had no clue what a Tweet was.

PR, SEO and Content Marketing – It’s all going in the same direction – The Guardian
Recent debate surrounding whether Google has killed off the PR agency sparked some very lively debate within the worlds of PR and SEO. As these two disciplines are now more entwined than anyone would care to admit the question really should be ‘Has Google killed all PR and SEO agencies?’


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Matt Bennett has more than eight years of strategic communications and public relations experience, and has expanded his knowledge base with expertise in integrated marketing communications, analytics, social media, and SEO. He has led creative and PR teams for a number of high profile clients, and has extensive experience supporting Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, start-ups, and not-for-profit organizations leading public relations, strategic communications, integrated marketing, and public affairs programs. Find him on Twitter @MattWBennett and

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