View count is often the quickest way we judge a video’s success, but there are several other metrics that can be much more valuable.

 Watch time is a critical measure of a video’s audience because views might inaccurately depict how many people actually  watched a video.

Engagement is also another metric worth analyzing. Comments are a good indication of successful engagement because that means people are talking about your video.

Likewise, subscribers matter. You want your subscriber count to go up and stay up as you produce content. If you’re garnering a lot of views, but don’t gain or retain subscribers, your online video efforts are likely more “flash in the pan” than a consistently growing brand following.

Ultimately, try focusing on the metrics that match your brand’s goals and audience. Not every brand needs to follow the same formula for analyzing success with video, but these are some of the core metrics to pay close attention to.

YouTube has an excellent list of all the metrics available on their platform. Check out the list here: https://developers.google.com/youtube/analytics/v1/dimsmets/mets