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Unique Ads Appeal to Riders and Residents to Take an Extra Step
When They Observe Something Suspicious In and Around NJ Transit Stations

ProActive Communications, a strategic communications firm headquartered in the Washington DC area, announced the release of a series of new Public Service Announcements commissioned by its client NJ TRANSIT and supported with funds from the US Department of Homeland Security.

“There is Here” is a 30-second television ad that was just released in the New York and Philadelphia media markets and depicts the common experience of transit riders and others as they encounter something suspicious – a person, a bag, or box – and wrestle with the question about whether to take their concern the next step. The ad implies that the threat of terror attacks and other tragedies is no longer isolated to faraway places, and that citizens can play an active role to help empower law enforcement to ensure that their surroundings are safe. The second ad, “If It Doesn’t Feel Right,” depicts three different encounters where travelers, disembarking a commuter train, at a transit station parking lot, and at a bus depot, face the challenge of overcoming doubts to take their concerns the extra step and contact law enforcement.

This unique and new approach to the “see something, say something” appeal encourages NJ TRANSIT customers or those living or working near stations to contact law enforcement whenever they see something suspicious with a direct and relatable message – “If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t…” The ads help reassure the public that they should contact the New Jersey Transit Police Department via phone or text whenever they see something suspicious in and around transit stations and facilities.