Dennis “Chip” Wilson is out as chairman of Lululemon Athletica, the highly successful entrepreneurial venture he founded. And it’s all because he said something stupid. Brian Hutchison of The National Post argues that he “isn’t dead yet … he’s just resting.” A funny choice of words when you consider they were originally used to describe […]

For those of you interested in the Keystone XL pipeline, the following began as a snapshot-in-time update on the ongoing public relations war that the opposing sides of this issue continually fight every day. But then it devolved into a disjointed stream of consciousness that metaphorically captured the stagnant nature of this issue so well […]

What is information? Where do we get it? Whom do we trust as a source? How is it communicated? These are very basic, fundamental questions to which the answers provide a moving target for communicators. I can remember trying to find news on Operation Desert Storm, and that I could count on my fingers the […]