5 Social Media Tactics to Increase ROI – Mashable Social media is an area brands can’t afford to ignore, despite it posing a challenge to measuring return on investment. Alex Rodriguez press conference was bad PR – for PR – PR Daily Although Alex Rodriguez may not be stepping up to the plate for a […]

Whether a strategically planned publicity stunt, or a poorly executed social media strategy, several media controversies have unfolded and spread like wildfire in the recent weeks. Chipotle, Rolling Stone magazine and Paula Deen all serve as valuable lessons for companies and public figures to learn from to prevent long term damage to their brand reputation. On […]

Analytics: A Vital Digital PR Skill – Business 2 Community Analytics are becoming an increasingly vital aspect of the PR practice and at least 30% of your efforts should be spent with data. By the end of 2013, if your online newsroom isn’t controlled by the PR Department, you may regret it. Research: Social Media Finally Seen […]