View count is often the quickest way we judge a video’s success, but there are several other metrics that can be much more valuable.  Watch time is a critical measure of a video’s audience because views might inaccurately depict how many people actually  watched a video. Engagement is also another metric worth analyzing. Comments are a good indication of successful engagement […]

Video provides a perspective that has the potential to communicate subject matter like nothing else. The visual images can transcend words on a page and connect the dots of a concept for an audience very quickly. Apple wants potential customers to know how many diverse uses an iPad can have. Showing different situations and applications […]

Over a year after the final mission of the Space Shuttle, the retirement of the program left many wondering what was next for NASA. The iconic images of a shuttle launch or the view from 180 miles up had inspired imaginations for thirty years. How could NASA recapture that kind of winning image? Filling that […]

In the world of political junkies and pundits, you can engage in short lived themes and story lines while the window of opportunity is open. Visually polished content is a hot commodity for the many different skirmishing messages. This consistently creates opportunity. The back and forth between the dueling Presidential campaigns provided just such an opportunity […]