In a recent article on bnet, the CBS Interactive Business Network, CEO Dian Griesel of Investor Relations Group in New York City offers an interesting perspective about the challenges of building a small media consulting business in the midst of a recession titled, “My Recession Wake-Up Call: It’s Time to Change or Die.” I have […]

If you have ever seen a TV news magazine story about Wal-Mart, perhaps the most distinctive thing you learned about the company was its culture. Along with their unbeatable prices and worldwide scope, Wal-Mart’s culture seems to fuel their ongoing success. Participating in an annual client business briefing for one of the largest consumer product […]

On November 8, 2010 the “new” McDonald’s opened in Leesburg, Virginia with limited fanfare. The “old” McDonald’s on the same site had been razed in the summer to make room for the new and improved version. Since I had been there on opening day of the original McDonald’s some 40 odd years ago, I thought […]

Recently a friend told me about a call she received from her daughter’s 1st Grade teacher. It seems that part of an assignment was a question for the class: “What does your mother say when you are in trouble?”  A rather inappropriate question, wouldn’t you agree? The purpose of the teacher’s call was to tell […]