In the fourth edition of their biennial Global CEO Study titled “Capitalizing on Complexity,” IBM provides excellent insight into the priorities and preferences of CEO’s and top executives from companies around the globe, derived from interviews with 1,541 business leaders and accompanied by corresponding research and analysis.  This is an excellent reference resource related to […]

At any age, we are never too far away from childhood.  Even as professionals, we require repetition, repetition, repetition of basic principles in order to grow. Ironically, applying a constant situational analysis approach to decision making can get you mired in inefficient details and behavioral dynamics in the workplace.  Instead, try reinforcing “principal principles” every […]

The Boss is dead. The legendary owner of the New York Yankees, George Steinbrenner, died today just two weeks after his 80th birthday. Steinbrenner will be remembered as a controversial figure perhaps, but that reputation may also have been based on the media portrayal of the tough and enigmatic Boss of the boys in blue […]