War is hell – no one knows that better than a disabled American veteran – but life after war may be the greater curse, at least until a team of red-vested angels comes along. One of the countless vets who have been ignored by the Veterans Administration is Michael Sulsona of Staten Island. Having waited two years for the […]

One of the great challenges that organizations face with message development is keeping out the wonks – the policy or content experts who are slaves to details, acronyms, and tons of data.

Below is a re-post from ProActive Communications’ President Mark Serrano’s blog, PowerTrip. In the wake of the 2012 elections, many industries are sifting through the results to determine how to update their plans to impact public policy development in the upcoming Congress and state legislative sessions. In an industry meeting last week designed to address this […]

Over a year after the final mission of the Space Shuttle, the retirement of the program left many wondering what was next for NASA. The iconic images of a shuttle launch or the view from 180 miles up had inspired imaginations for thirty years. How could NASA recapture that kind of winning image? Filling that […]

The tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the cold-blooded murder of six others at the hands of 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner should rightfully bring all Americans together in a time of  reflection.  This heinous act soils the very foundations of our democracy. As of this writing, Loughner never offered his motive to the public, […]