War is hell – no one knows that better than a disabled American veteran – but life after war may be the greater curse, at least until a team of red-vested angels comes along. One of the countless vets who have been ignored by the Veterans Administration is Michael Sulsona of Staten Island. Having waited two years for the […]

Public Relations News Round Up When it comes to SEO, territory isn’t the issue – PR Daily In the PR realm, “SEO” often refers to optimizing press releases so they show up in search engines. In reality, search engine optimization is much larger in scope. LinkedIn report says small businesses are becoming more astute users of […]

For those of you interested in the Keystone XL pipeline, the following began as a snapshot-in-time update on the ongoing public relations war that the opposing sides of this issue continually fight every day. But then it devolved into a disjointed stream of consciousness that metaphorically captured the stagnant nature of this issue so well […]

One of the great challenges that organizations face with message development is keeping out the wonks – the policy or content experts who are slaves to details, acronyms, and tons of data.

Below is a re-post from ProActive Communications’ President Mark Serrano’s blog, PowerTrip. In the wake of the 2012 elections, many industries are sifting through the results to determine how to update their plans to impact public policy development in the upcoming Congress and state legislative sessions. In an industry meeting last week designed to address this […]

The ProActive Digital team serves up yet another round of the best digital PR and new media news from the last two weeks. A PR pro’s 10 observations about ‘real world PR’ – PR Daily Most people aren’t on social media 24/7 and measurement isn’t mainstream yet. Are you nodding in agreement? You should be. […]

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Unfortunately, this children’s rhyme doesn’t apply in politics, where your words can hurt your campaign, your party, and your pocketbook.

(Below is a re-post from ProActive Communications’ President Mark Serrano from his blog, PowerTrip) Two new studies raise the specter of plummeting trust in institutions and the impact this has on corporate reputations and business success. The interesting question that the analysis behind these studies raises is: what is at the heart of a negative reputation […]

ProActive recently launched PR Trends, a new series of short video interviews with leaders in the communications industry. Watch the first in the series featuring long-time public affairs and grassroots expert, Edward Grefe, and stay tuned for more interviews to come. Do you know of someone that you would recommend for the PR Trends video […]

We’ve all felt it in one way or another: the economy.  Good or bad, and unfortunately mostly the latter these days, we all see the way it impacts our everyday lives.  What I’ve always found interesting being in the public relations industry for over 12 years is how quickly public relations is cut when companies […]