View count is often the quickest way we judge a video’s success, but there are several other metrics that can be much more valuable.  Watch time is a critical measure of a video’s audience because views might inaccurately depict how many people actually  watched a video. Engagement is also another metric worth analyzing. Comments are a good indication of successful engagement […]

Video provides a perspective that has the potential to communicate subject matter like nothing else. The visual images can transcend words on a page and connect the dots of a concept for an audience very quickly. Apple wants potential customers to know how many diverse uses an iPad can have. Showing different situations and applications […]

The ProActive Digital team serves up yet another round of the best digital PR, social media and new media news from the last two weeks. Happy Holidays from the ProActive team! The Far Reaching Implications of the Social Business Model – Duct Tape Marketing Connection is now possible with anyone. Collaboration is now possible everywhere. […]

Over a year after the final mission of the Space Shuttle, the retirement of the program left many wondering what was next for NASA. The iconic images of a shuttle launch or the view from 180 miles up had inspired imaginations for thirty years. How could NASA recapture that kind of winning image? Filling that […]

In the world of political junkies and pundits, you can engage in short lived themes and story lines while the window of opportunity is open. Visually polished content is a hot commodity for the many different skirmishing messages. This consistently creates opportunity. The back and forth between the dueling Presidential campaigns provided just such an opportunity […]

(Below is a re-post from ProActive Communications’ President Mark Serrano from his blog, PowerTrip) Politicians have learned to do it. So have companies – from successful entrepreneurial upstarts to established Fortune 500 companies, as well as trade associations and effective communicators of all kinds. In this case, it is the use of online video.  Businesses are […]

Visual media are powerful message carriers. Like most things in life, this can be both a blessing and a curse. The most recent example of this in consumer relations came at the height of the holiday season when an understandably disappointed customer of FedEx posted security video showing a courier dropping a computer monitor over […]