NJ TransitRail Safety Campaign

New Jersey Transit Rail Safety Campaign

In a 24 hour span, three teens were struck and killed by New Jersey commuter trains in two separate incidents. State officials quickly formed a task force for an urgent review of the engineering, education, and enforcement elements of rail crossings and railways. Correspondingly, New Jersey Transit turned to ProActive Communications to rapidly produce a video to support an educational campaign on pedestrian railway safety in the state.

In less than a week, ProActive Communications scripted, filmed, edited, and digitally delivered the video, which has received wide acclaim from transportation leaders across the state.

ProActive Communications has since been engaged to support additional educational initiatives to raise awareness among youth about the risks of sharing their communities with rail lines. New Jersey Transit asked ProActive Communications to develop a rail safety campaign with a series of video productions that were presented at high school safety demonstrations, in public service announcements (PSAs) that air in the New York City and Philadelphia media markets on TV and radio, and more.

In a New Jersey Transit press release, the PSAs are described as “powerful, no-nonsense public service announcements spotlighting the deadly consequences resulting from poor choices made at railroad crossings.” Commissioner Simpson said, “We previously revamped our safety campaign to provide a real, first-hand account from those impacted by poor choices made along the track, and these tough new ads take this effort to the next level. They offer an unmistakable message – stay off the tracks.”