My picks for the most interesting Twitter stories this week. Let me know what I missed in the comments section below. Apple Taps Into Twitter, Buying Social Analytics Firm Topsy (Daisuke Wakabayashi & Douglas MacMillan, Wall Street Journal) Topsy specializes in analyzing the global conversation on Twitter. Its tools can decipher how often a term is […]

In the evolution of Smartphones it will be interesting to see where things go. I’m not talking about the Samsung/Apple battle that’s raging in the online commentverse. I’m talking about screen size. Coming in at 4.8 inches there’s the Samsung Galaxy S III. The new iPhone 5 plays catch up on screen size hitting the tape […]

Below is a re-post from ProActive Communications’ President Mark Serrano’s blog, PowerTrip.  Thirty years ago the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft foretold today’s technology battles. Turnkey technology with sleek designs controlled by one large provider versus a versatile operating system that is open to manufacturers of all types of platforms in the marketplace marks the nature […]

Your Organization’s Brand – It’s one of the most important and least understood assets of an organization. It’s more than your logo or tagline and it’s bigger than your product or service – it’s the promise that your organization makes to its customers, and it’s the delivery of that promise through every interaction with your […]

Do you think black turtlenecks are cool? Somehow, Steve Jobs made them so. Not only did sales of black turtlenecks spike the week following his death, but a fashion designer called 501 jeans and black turtlenecks some of the most “wholly original” clothing pieces in modern fashion. Whatever your take on his black turtlenecks, Steve […]

Could Facebook be adding Skype video call functionality to its already impressive list of applications? Sources close to the companies have noted that Facebook and Skype executives have returned to the negotiating table to discuss the potential for a two-way video calling partnership. Skype currently allows Facebook users to call their friends, but there is […]