How Big Data is Changing PR – Cision Blog Imagine being able to pull up the amount of coverage a crisis situation is generating across all media and social spectrums and being able to determine whether the trend indicates the crisis will die that day or will continue to grow and require intervention. This is […]

Brands Move Money to Online Video from TV and Display, Cite Better Engagement – Huffington Post More than 80 percent say they are turning to branded video because of its reach and audience and content targeting capabilities. 8 guidelines for a great blog – PR Daily Don’t just write; rewrite… 6 ways to strengthen your […]

One could describe Tumblr as a combination of Facebook, Twitter and WordPress, yet with more capacity for individual customization. Founded by David Karp almost four years ago Tumblr is an interactive micro blogging platform that enables users to easily post videos, audio, text, social bookmarks, photos, other user’s blog posts and shares it with other […]