By Mark Serrano What has happened to Ray Kroc’s iconic brand? The emperor of fast food is presiding over a crumbling kingdom and the company had better transform itself fast. The news has been bleak for the past several years for McDonald’s, and recent months have only gotten worse, especially with reported earnings dropping a […]

Does your brand convey a meaning? Does it communicate who you are as an organization, what you care about, and how you do business in a meaningful way? One of the most important things you can do for your business or organization is to conduct an assessment of your brand to ensure that it paints […]

Martin Hunt: When times get tough don’t ditch PR! – Scotsman.com …those who maintain their PR budgets and PR campaigns will be the first to feel the benefits when the economic “spring” finally does return. Major brands boost online video budgets – Warc The digital shift is made possible by the explosion in the amount […]

“[Armstrong’s] brand value during his yellow jersey days was almost immeasurable,” said Mark Serrano, CEO of ProActive Communications. “I think there were probably few brands in the world that were worth in excess of $20 million a year, and he was one of them.” “Today we’re looking at a brand value of near zero,” Serrano […]

We’ve all felt it in one way or another: the economy.  Good or bad, and unfortunately mostly the latter these days, we all see the way it impacts our everyday lives.  What I’ve always found interesting being in the public relations industry for over 12 years is how quickly public relations is cut when companies […]