By Mark Serrano, President of ProActive Communications In the past, US President’s facing a hostile congress controlled by the opposing party typically issue many more vetoes than those who have a friendly congress supporting their policies. President Obama has only issued two vetoes since becoming president, but that is about to change with the very […]

ProActive Communications is looking for smart, creative, ambitious and detail-oriented students or recent graduates interested in a challenging and rewarding internship experience. ProActive interns join a dynamic team of communications professionals and gain real-world, hands-on experience in a fast-paced enterprise. The selected candidate or candidates will work in close collaboration with the ProActive team to […]

For those of you interested in the Keystone XL pipeline, the following began as a snapshot-in-time update on the ongoing public relations war that the opposing sides of this issue continually fight every day. But then it devolved into a disjointed stream of consciousness that metaphorically captured the stagnant nature of this issue so well […]

One of the great challenges that organizations face with message development is keeping out the wonks – the policy or content experts who are slaves to details, acronyms, and tons of data.

Tight Budgets and Digital Media Pose New Challenges for Business In this challenging economic environment, many businesses are consolidating essential functions, including communications. This has proven to be a net positive for many companies, but it can also exacerbate the vexing question of “Who owns communications?” in many organizations. Public affairs, investor relations, public relations, […]

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Unfortunately, this children’s rhyme doesn’t apply in politics, where your words can hurt your campaign, your party, and your pocketbook.

We’ve all felt it in one way or another: the economy.  Good or bad, and unfortunately mostly the latter these days, we all see the way it impacts our everyday lives.  What I’ve always found interesting being in the public relations industry for over 12 years is how quickly public relations is cut when companies […]

Readers Note Firm’s 15-Year Commitment to Excellence, Hard Work, and Creating Regional Jobs ProActive Communications was ranked fourth on the Washington Post’s list of 200 Regional Companies of Importance. “This selection as number four among the top 200 Regional Companies of Importance by Washington Post readers is a true honor to be shared by all […]

ProActive Communications, a strategic communications firm based in Washington, DC and New York, is celebrating its 15th Anniversary in business, providing leadership, impact and results to its corporate, trade association and nonprofit clients.