Public Relations News Round Up When it comes to SEO, territory isn’t the issue – PR Daily In the PR realm, “SEO” often refers to optimizing press releases so they show up in search engines. In reality, search engine optimization is much larger in scope. LinkedIn report says small businesses are becoming more astute users of […]

In the evolution of Smartphones it will be interesting to see where things go. I’m not talking about the Samsung/Apple battle that’s raging in the online commentverse. I’m talking about screen size. Coming in at 4.8 inches there’s the Samsung Galaxy S III. The new iPhone 5 plays catch up on screen size hitting the tape […]

We decided to go around the office and find out about some of the team’s favorite apps. This is what we found: Mark Serrano Pandora (free), because it saves on the cost of purchasing music from iTunes; and Flixster (free), all the movie info in the world at your fingertips. Don Lehr Yelp (free) identifies restaurants and other services in your […]

(Below is a re-post from ProActive Communications’ President Mark Serrano from his blog, PowerTrip) It is gratifying when you see research data that validates your gut instinct about market trends.  Everyone knows the smartphone marketplace is exploding, but now we have data to see where the trend is headed, and the limitless possibilities it represents for […]