Effective messaging is just as much about language as it is about imagery. Words supplement images and add to the story which the pictures are telling. On their own, they can be just as impactful – painting a vivid portrait in the minds of those who hear the message that elicits the messenger’s intended response. […]

ProActive Communications is looking for smart, creative, ambitious and detail-oriented students or recent graduates interested in a challenging and rewarding internship experience. ProActive interns join a dynamic team of communications professionals and gain real-world, hands-on experience in a fast-paced enterprise. The selected candidate or candidates will work in close collaboration with the ProActive team to […]

Dennis “Chip” Wilson is out as chairman of Lululemon Athletica, the highly successful entrepreneurial venture he founded. And it’s all because he said something stupid. Brian Hutchison of The National Post argues that he “isn’t dead yet … he’s just resting.” A funny choice of words when you consider they were originally used to describe […]

The ProActive Digital team serves up yet another roundup of the best digital PR, social media and new media news from the last two weeks. And this week, we even throw in a job announcement and a cool infographic, to boot. Why public relations gets no respect – CNNMoney Public relations is not taken seriously […]

Think of all the ways our lives have been made easier and more efficient with technology. With just the click of a button (or a mouse), we have the world at our fingertips almost instantly.  Communication has changed drastically over the past decade. Besides snail mail, face-to-face meetings and phone calls – we have email, […]

Your Organization’s Brand – It’s one of the most important and least understood assets of an organization. It’s more than your logo or tagline and it’s bigger than your product or service – it’s the promise that your organization makes to its customers, and it’s the delivery of that promise through every interaction with your […]

SIMPLICITY. It is really at the core of what we do in public affairs and public relations on a day-to-day basis: communicate messages that are critical to clients’ best interests in a way that resonates with target audiences so that they can accept and support those messages with ease. Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain […]

What is information? Where do we get it? Whom do we trust as a source? How is it communicated? These are very basic, fundamental questions to which the answers provide a moving target for communicators. I can remember trying to find news on Operation Desert Storm, and that I could count on my fingers the […]