We decided to go around the office and find out about some of the team’s favorite apps. This is what we found: Mark Serrano Pandora (free), because it saves on the cost of purchasing music from iTunes; and Flixster (free), all the movie info in the world at your fingertips. Don Lehr Yelp (free) identifies restaurants and other services in your […]

Do you think black turtlenecks are cool? Somehow, Steve Jobs made them so. Not only did sales of black turtlenecks spike the week following his death, but a fashion designer called 501 jeans and black turtlenecks some of the most “wholly original” clothing pieces in modern fashion. Whatever your take on his black turtlenecks, Steve […]

Nielson reported that social networking is now the most popular online activity, ahead of emails, ahead of web surfing and ahead of playing video games. When it comes to prominent social media sites such as Twitter, perhaps value is in the eye of the beholder.  Individuals are asking:  “Will it enhance my life?”  Businesses are […]

With Kindles, iPads, iPods, and a hundred different kinds of smartphones, it has become more and more difficult to distance yourself from your e-mail, voicemail, and social media.  And, with the world of 4G upon us, we will certainly continue this lifestyle.  While I love having the world at my fingertips thanks to my smartphone, […]