About us
Mark Serrano
Founder and President
Mark Serrano is a leading policy strategist, public affairs and digital public relations professional, and a regular media commentator and analyst. He founded ProActive Communications in 1996, which has distinguished itself as an effective business and public policy advocate and strategic communications resource to Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, and non-profit organizations. Serrano founded the firm with an emphasis on a verifiable return on investment and quality client services. He personally designs and directs successful issues advocacy, crisis communications, and public relations programs for the firm.
Steve McMillan
Production Director
Steve McMillan has led ProActive’s video production team for ten years. He has a knack for assembling creative team members whose diverse talents and energy merge to create dramatic and effective videos for a wide variety of needs in both corporate and broadcast applications. Previously, McMillan has produced hundreds of broadcast commercials and corporate videos for a variety of industries. He maintains active television production credits on regional cable TV networks.
Robyne Fillmore
Finance Director
Robyne Fillmore has provided financial and administrative management expertise to ProActive Communications since January 2006. She is responsible for all aspects of financial operations, human resources and administration for the company and its affiliated entities. Robyne also provides oversight of contract negotiation and IT operations at ProActive. With more than 20 years of professional experience in financial management and business operations for numerous for-profit and non-profit organizations, Robyne delivers value for ProActive’s long-term strategic planning and implementation process.
Sydney Meyer
Account Executive
Sydney helps to create and leverage digital content for clients, such as social media graphics, proposals, presentations, and more. She is also responsible for the daily management of client digital and social media accounts. Sydney works to implement comprehensive social media plans to increase client visibility and interaction on multiple social media platforms. She earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from James Madison University. She has previously interned on Capitol Hill and served as one of three national student lobbyists for the Alpha Sigma Tau National Organization.
Victoria Kearney
Account Executive
Victoria Kearney is responsible for creative development and client messaging at ProActive Communications. She manages content development, research for online media, and works in close communication with clients to customize their messaging for a broader audience. Previously, Victoria co-created a college-level course on writing development through the Beatles’ music and legacy, and wrote for several news publications as a freelance-journalist.
Edmund Kozak
Managing Director
Edmund Kozak is a political communications strategist, writer, commentator, and recovering political journalist. He has been involved with politics since he was a teenager and has worked on political campaigns in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Kozak, who joined ProActive Communications in 2018, leads the firm’s political communications team and is responsible for the overall strategic planning, coordination, and execution of political messaging.
Peter Fricke
Senior Editor
Peter Fricke is an editor with experience in both journalism and politics. He started his career in journalism as an investigative reporter for The Daily Caller, and later served as Managing Editor of Campus Reform. Prior to entering journalism, Peter worked for numerous elected officials and political campaigns at both the state and national levels, including former U.S. Senator Mark Kirk and 2012 presidential candidate Herman Cain.
Hannah Scherlacher
Communications Manager
Hannah Scherlacher is the Communications Manager for ProActive Communications, where she coordinates client relations, recruitment, and media placement strategy. Prior to joining the ProActive team, Scherlacher served as the Program Manager and Opinion Writer for Campus Reform, where she trained and managed student journalists in all 50 states to expose liberal bias and abuse on college campuses. Scherlacher contributes conservative commentary and opinion articles for The Hill, Fox News Network, Fox Business Network, One America News, Christian Broadcasting Network, and various radio programs.
Nikita Chirkov
Communications Manager
Nikita Chirkov “Vladimirov” joined ProActive in 2018, and is responsible for developing political communications strategies for elected officials and other clients. Prior to joining ProActive, he was an award-winning journalist and opinion writer, and frequently appeared on the front pages of the Drudge Report, The Hill, and other political publications. Nikita attended Trinity University where he earned his BA with a triple-major in political science, international affairs and Russian, and graduated with honors in Modern Languages and Literatures. He is an opinion contributor at The Washington Examiner, and often appears as an analyst on national television and radio programs.