Less than one week into the 2012 London Olympic Games, social media has redefined the Olympic experience. Unprecedented numbers of Olympic athletes, viewers, media, and brands are engaging with each other across social media platforms, sharing real-time updates and insider perspectives on the Games. But if social media captures memorable moments forever, social blunders have […]

What is the difference between the PR professional who projects a frenzied demeanor as s/he scurries from task to task and the one who appears tranquil and in-control of his/her workflow? Certainly not their workload, which is the same – intense. Having been both “persons” at various times and having observed others’ workplace behaviors, I […]

During my summer internship at ProActive Communications,  I have become aware of a significant difference between work and college.  As part of the ProActive DPR team, my work impacts others in a way that schoolwork simply cannot. For example, one of my responsibilities as an intern was to write drafts of blog posts and other […]