Dennis “Chip” Wilson is out as chairman of Lululemon Athletica, the highly successful entrepreneurial venture he founded. And it’s all because he said something stupid. Brian Hutchison of The National Post argues that he “isn’t dead yet … he’s just resting.” A funny choice of words when you consider they were originally used to describe […]

Below is a re-post from David Kalson’s blog, introducethenew.com. In the movie “Lincoln,” President Lincoln is portrayed as a leader who understood that the historic moment to eradicate slavery was upon him and on his generation. The opportunity, he believed, was now or never. Lincoln also understood that his followers had to lead as well, so […]

Over the years, leadership training conferences at ProActive Communications have proven to be essential opportunities for energizing our business and creating new concepts and innovations in client services as well as new business applications. “Grow Forward” is the theme of the 2011 Summer Leadership Training Week at ProActive Communications.  This year over two-dozen staff members […]

At any age, we are never too far away from childhood.  Even as professionals, we require repetition, repetition, repetition of basic principles in order to grow. Ironically, applying a constant situational analysis approach to decision making can get you mired in inefficient details and behavioral dynamics in the workplace.  Instead, try reinforcing “principal principles” every […]