T-Mobile is renowned for its revolution against cellular phone contracts, a customer loyalty trap made possible by required two-year agreements we all have with our mobile carriers. In fact, T-Mobile’s growth can largely be attributed to this market disruption model that has jettisoned them to be the fourth largest US mobile carrier. The company is […]

Public Relations News Round Up When it comes to SEO, territory isn’t the issue – PR Daily In the PR realm, “SEO” often refers to optimizing press releases so they show up in search engines. In reality, search engine optimization is much larger in scope. LinkedIn report says small businesses are becoming more astute users of […]

4 Lessons learned from the AP Twitter hack (that regular media didn’t tell you) – Search Engine People The news triggered a Wall Street selling frenzy, causing the Dow Jones Industrial average to plummet by 143 points. The tweet was then discovered to be a fake and was corrected within a few minutes, after which the […]

Martin Hunt: When times get tough don’t ditch PR! – Scotsman.com …those who maintain their PR budgets and PR campaigns will be the first to feel the benefits when the economic “spring” finally does return. Major brands boost online video budgets – Warc The digital shift is made possible by the explosion in the amount […]

The ProActive Digital team serves up yet another round of the best digital PR and new media news. Delicious. Are You Cut Out To Be A Thought Leader? – Forbes Is knowledge enough to be successful in leading conversations and initiating change in a marketplace or industry? Earned media skills are more important than ever […]

In the evolution of Smartphones it will be interesting to see where things go. I’m not talking about the Samsung/Apple battle that’s raging in the online commentverse. I’m talking about screen size. Coming in at 4.8 inches there’s the Samsung Galaxy S III. The new iPhone 5 plays catch up on screen size hitting the tape […]

Below is a re-post from ProActive Communications’ President Mark Serrano’s blog, PowerTrip.  Thirty years ago the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft foretold today’s technology battles. Turnkey technology with sleek designs controlled by one large provider versus a versatile operating system that is open to manufacturers of all types of platforms in the marketplace marks the nature […]

We decided to go around the office and find out about some of the team’s favorite apps. This is what we found: Mark Serrano Pandora (free), because it saves on the cost of purchasing music from iTunes; and Flixster (free), all the movie info in the world at your fingertips. Don Lehr Yelp (free) identifies restaurants and other services in your […]