View count is often the quickest way we judge a video’s success, but there are several other metrics that can be much more valuable.  Watch time is a critical measure of a video’s audience because views might inaccurately depict how many people actually  watched a video. Engagement is also another metric worth analyzing. Comments are a good indication of successful engagement […]

Effective messaging is just as much about language as it is about imagery. Words supplement images and add to the story which the pictures are telling. On their own, they can be just as impactful – painting a vivid portrait in the minds of those who hear the message that elicits the messenger’s intended response. […]

Brands Move Money to Online Video from TV and Display, Cite Better Engagement – Huffington Post More than 80 percent say they are turning to branded video because of its reach and audience and content targeting capabilities. 8 guidelines for a great blog – PR Daily Don’t just write; rewrite… 6 ways to strengthen your […]

How To Make Money On Twitter Without Being Spammy – Online PR Media While growing your number of followers is important to broadening your business reach, it’s important to also make your existing followers feel like a valued and respected part of your existing network. Red performs Dragon sensor upgrades right on the NAB show floor (video) – […]

Martin Hunt: When times get tough don’t ditch PR! – Scotsman.com …those who maintain their PR budgets and PR campaigns will be the first to feel the benefits when the economic “spring” finally does return. Major brands boost online video budgets – Warc The digital shift is made possible by the explosion in the amount […]

Online video platforms do not come cheap. The most recent version of the VOPED online video platform, for instance, required the writing of hundreds of thousands of lines of programming code – a significant investment in manpower and capital. The competition to deliver an online video platform to meet the needs of today’s online video […]

The ProActive Digital team serves up yet another round of the best digital PR and new media news. Delicious. Are You Cut Out To Be A Thought Leader? – Forbes Is knowledge enough to be successful in leading conversations and initiating change in a marketplace or industry? Earned media skills are more important than ever […]

In the evolution of Smartphones it will be interesting to see where things go. I’m not talking about the Samsung/Apple battle that’s raging in the online commentverse. I’m talking about screen size. Coming in at 4.8 inches there’s the Samsung Galaxy S III. The new iPhone 5 plays catch up on screen size hitting the tape […]

The ProActive Digital team serves up yet another round of the best digital PR and new media news from the past two weeks. Enjoy! The Rise of Visual Social Media – Fast Company Blog posts became Facebook updates and Tumblr posts, which shrunk to Tweets and finally to Instagram or Pinterest. Here’s how smart brands are navigating […]